Quotes Description

QUOTE 1.) Hi welcome to McDonalds what can I get for you? 2.) what do you want? 3.) Cherrios! 2.) They don't got cherrios what else you want? 3.) Lasagna! 2.) Lasagna? what the hells a matter with you...We'll take sausage and hot cakes and... 1.) Uh sorry sir we stopped serving breakfast 2.) What are you talking about we're 4 seconds late. 1.) No your 30 minutes and 4 seconds late we stop serving breakfast at 10:30 2.) Aww HORSE SHIT! 3.) (kid crying) 2.) No I'm sorry I wasn't cursing at you I was cursing at the lady. 4(guy). Hey nice parenting! 2.) WHAT you my therapist? take a walk!! do you want a happy meal? can we get a happy meal?? WILL SOMEBODY GET THE KID A HAPPY MEAL!!!?
HINT 1 Adam Sandler
HINT 2 0
MOVIE TITLE Big Daddy - 1999