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QUOTE 1) Anne, I'll wait. Even if I thought you cared just a little. 2) I do care Gil. I always have. But I can never love you in the way that you want me to. I'm happy as I am I won't ever marry. 1) Oh you'll marry alright, some fool who will sit and read Tenneson by firelight, no doubt. Build you your castles in the sky. I know you. 2)Please Gil, I don't mean to hurt you but you will see that I am right by and by when you fall for someone else. 1) You haven't hurt me really, it's just that I fooled myself into thinking that you love me that's all. 2)Gil please- 1) I hope he breaks your heart. Whoever he is..2) You don't understand- 1) then maybe you'll come to your senses.
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MOVIE TITLE Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel - 1987