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QUOTE Mr. S: VENTURA! Ventura: Yes Satan...oh i'm sorry sir..you sounded like someone else.Mr. S:forget the wisecracks ventura*cough**cough* you owe me rent. VENTURA: Mr. Shikadanz I told you, your my first priority..i'm on a very big case right now...see that bird..some rich guy lost it and offering 25 grand to get it back. Once I find this bird....YOUR PAID!!! Mr. S: I heard animals in there ventura, i heard em again this morning, scratchin around. VENTURA: I don't bring my homework home with me sir. Mr. S: Oh yeah.what's all the pet food for? VENTURA: Fibre, you want to take a look around? come on take a look around.
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MOVIE TITLE Ace Ventura: Pet Detective