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QUOTE tuff:one last thoughts goin go through that pretty little head og yours i'm a puss i was the best goddamn bullrider in the ciruict and i chickened out lane: the best all you ever tells me is how i aint no good tuff; well if you belive everything you hear goddamnit youre dumber n' i thought lane quit that be fine with me i wouldnt have to wake up every moring to your pretty boy face me and cody'd get down the road alot faster to if we didnt have to stand around waiten for you to sign an autograph for every snot nosed kid at every goddamn rodeo lane: alright tuff i got two words for you lane: yeah i kno... tuff: that aint it lane: well then what is it tuff: cowboy up!!!
HINT 1 he just fell off and got his crouch stepped on
HINT 2 0
MOVIE TITLE 8 Seconds - 1994