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QUOTE Maggie:I told you I don't see any ghosts. Dennis:Gimme those! Why are these open? I was down here before and they weren't open! (turns around to see Hammer hit the wall) AHHHHH I HATE IT WHEN THEY DO THAT! Maggie:Do what? (taking the glasses from Dennis) Dennis:They wait for you to stick your face right up against the glass and then they give you a big fat... boo! Maggie:Don't do that! (puts glasses on)it's a... Dennis:It's a ghost! Thank you! Finally a believer! See there are ghosts around us all the time, a little ghost here, a little ghost there, no one cares! Most of them , they can't hurt us, most of them don't wanna hurt us! But there are exceptions, like this bad ass behind me... the ones who die a violent death stay in a tortured realm and so violence is all they know! Maggie:What's he doin? Dennis:I don't know, I don't have the glasses! (takes glasses from Maggie and looks through glass) AHHHH Maggie:I've had enough of this ghost shit, come on ghost boy, it's time to go... Dennis:Dont' touch me (gives Hammer the finger and sees his own death)
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MOVIE TITLE 13 Ghosts - 2001