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QUOTE 1)Hey Dad, how you doing? How's Florida? 2)Not too bad. your mother got a sunburn playing tennis yesterday. 1)I've got some news. 2)Oh yeah? What? 1)I kind of adopted a kid. 2)What the hell are you talking about? 1)I'm talking about you being a grandfather. Congratulations. 2)Who the hell would give you a kid? 1)Social services. 2)You idiot! You better give that kid back! 1)His mother's--hang on. Go play with them pigeons, buddy. I tried to give him back but I just can't. Vanessa dumped me. I don't know what the hell I'm doing. 2)You're damn right you don't know what the hell you're doing! 1)The kid is always around! You would think he'd want some privacy but he doesn't! I'm in deep shit! 2)You better give that kid back before you ruin both your lives! 1)Oh, I appriciate that, Dad. 2)He'd be better off living in a dumpster than with you. 1)Hey, I'll be a better father than you! 2)That's impossible because all you care about is yourself! 1)Oh yeah, I care about you saving money on this phone call!!! (beats the phone on the reciever) Let's eat.
HINT 1 Adam Sandler
HINT 2 1999
MOVIE TITLE Big Daddy - 1999