Quotes Description

QUOTE Man is like a banana: strong and firm, bright and phallic and he's protected by his all important shield. But when a woman comes along, you know, she see's this bright, phallic beast and she wants it but she's not happy with it the way it is - she wants to see what's inside. So she starts to peel away the all important shield. First, she wants to see your romantic side, then she wants to see your passionate side, then she wants to see your soft, caring, feminine side and she keeps peeling and peeling until your left there, buck naked, totally exposed with your balls blowing in the wind. That's when she grabs her knife and she starts to cut away your manhood, piece by piece, until their having your cock in their cornflakes.
HINT 1 I Will Remember You
HINT 2 Irish Jig
MOVIE TITLE Brothers McMullen, The - 1995