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QUOTE ( Esme is calling the pig and Babe is hidden in the hay in front of Fly, Rex and the Horse ) Fly: Come dear, you're bein' called. ( Esme continues calling Babe ) Rex: Babe. Babe: ( from inside hay ) Babe's not here. Rex: You can't undo what's happened, son, but you can make up for it. Fly: Babe, the boss is about to lose the farm. We'll all be sent away. Horse: And there's no tellin' where we'll end up. Not every human is as kind as ours. Babe: But...what can I do? Ferdinand: NOTHIN'! Rex: You're a sheep-pig. A champion, no less. Most likely they'll want ya to herd sheep. Ferdinand: ( paranoid that he'll be eaten without Babe ) You can't leave, he can't leave! You're my lucky pig. Esme: ( angrily calling ) PIG! PIG! ARTHUR, YOU CALL THE WRETCHED THING! Arthur: ( in wheelchair after fall, squeaky voice ) COME, PIG! ( whistles ) Babe: Well, I must be off then. Fly: You won't be alone, dear. You'll be with the boss's wife. Ferdinand: ( sarcastically ) Oh, sure, oh, sure, the boss's wife! You'll be in the company of a serial killer! Rex: Do not take counsel of your fears, lad. Fly: Do you want to pee before you go? Babe: Oh, no, thank you. Esme: Come on. Come on, Pig. Ferdinand: ( paraniod that he'll be eaten without Babe, stuttering ) But I need this pig! He's my lucky pig, my good-luck pig; without him, I'm dead! Deceased! Lifeless! Extinct! A demised duck! Esme: ( puts Babe into car ) In ya go. Babe: ( looks out window, sees Fly, thinks he'll miss her ) Can you come with me, Fly? Fly: I wish I could, dear, but it's you they want. Babe: ( starting to miss her ) Please? Fly: Stop it now. You're a brave pig, and, Babe, more often in this uncertain world, fortune favours the brave.
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MOVIE TITLE Babe: Pig in the City - 1998