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QUOTE [ The Devlins are practicing football at the motel, Chuckie enters after leaving a piss trail for Bingo to follow ] Natalie: Three points for the big guy! Okay let's go again. [ Sees Chuckie entering and sitting on bed, goes to him ] Where have you been? IT'S YOUR TURN TO SNAP! Chickie: [ Spills the beans ] I know! He's been leavin' a piss trail for that stupid dog of his! Chuckie: BITE MY BOXERS! Natalie: Chuckie. Chickie: Suck my sauce. Natalie: Chickie. Hal: HEY, CAN WE GET ON WITH THE PRACTISE, PLEASE?! Natalie: Yes, dear, yes. [ she returns to Chuckie after beans are spilled ] Natalie: I want you to put that dog out of your mind. I want you to forget him; put him totalLY OUTTA YOUR MIND! Chickie: He doesn't HAVE a mind! He peed his brains out! Chuckie: Hey, you should talk! That dog is smarter than you-- in fact, he's smarter than this whole family!
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MOVIE TITLE Bingo! - 1991