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QUOTE 1) You know that guy I told you about, The one that stole my car? Well he's living about a mile down the road from here and he's driving it. 2) Well let's go get it back. 1) No, this dudes trouble. He's dangerous and you don't want to mess with guys like him. 2) What's the matter you afraid? You can't be afraid all the time. You have to be tough and stand up for yourself. (Next Scene) (1+2 together) Aah, Snakes! 2) God, I hate snakes! 1) Can anything else go wrong this week? (A while later) I thought you said you have to be tough, so why did you run away from the well of snakes? 2) SHUT UP! just because you're afraid of snakes, doesn't mean you aren't tough and can't stick up for yourself.
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MOVIE TITLE Black Sheep - 1996