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QUOTE Ok Folks Enough Gay Jokes especially from a gay broke as bitch yourself a-low this guys dodo hes worked here longer then me and i get paid more than you do dawg take a seat whats this guy standing in line for he aint got money to eat.check this out yo yo this guy cashed his whole check and bought one ho-ho u fucking homo u little magot u can't hack it pauls gay ur a faggot yo atleast he admits it dawg dont even risk it this guys starving to death someone get him a biscuit i dont know what they told you MIKE u must have those cornrows rolled to tight This Job u wanna quit but you cant You've working at this plant so long, Your a plant. Look at your god damn boots for christ sakes there starting to grow roots on this mic u favored u look like a pissed off rapper who never made it y u fuckin with the gay guy G when really ur the one who got the HIV man im done with this clown hes soft fuck it ill let homegirl finish u off
HINT 1 lunch time
HINT 2 xzibit
MOVIE TITLE 8 Mile - 2002