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QUOTE (lotto) i spit a racial sleer hawnky sew me this shit is a horror fliick but the black guy dont die in this movie look at the lotto dawg u gotta b kidding that makes me believe you dont have an interest in living think this niggers gonna film the shit u say i got a better chance joinin the KKK on some real shit though i like u that y i didnt want to b the 1 u commit suicide 2 fuck lotto call me a leader i feel bad i gotta murder that dude from leave it to beaver i use to like that show now u got me in fight back mode but oh well if u gotta go then u gota go i hate to do this i would love for this shit to last so ill take pictures of my rearend so u wont forget my ass as all well that end ok so ill end this shit with a fuck you and have a nice day. (eminem) ward i think you were a litle hard on the beaver so was eddie hascil, walley and ms. Cliver this guy keeps screamin hes paranoid quick someone get his ass another steroid blahblah i aint heard a word you said hibitywhoblah is that a tank top or a new bra? look snoop dogg just got a fucking boob job didnt u listen to the last round meat head? pay attention your saying the same shit he said(im fuck u up) matter-fact dawg hers a pencil go home write some shit make it suspensful and dont come back till something dope hits you fuck it you can take the mic home with u lookin like a cyclone hit u tank-top screaming lotto i dont fit u !!!u c how far those white jokes get u boys like hows vanilla ice gonna diss u my motto fuck lotto ill get the seven digits from mother for a dollar 2morrow.
HINT 1 john radke wrote this
HINT 2 the shelter
MOVIE TITLE 8 Mile - 2002