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QUOTE kyle: i think i know the answer mr.garison.. cartman:(mimicks kyle).. kyle:shutup fatboy.. cartman:don't call me fat u fuckin jew.. mr.garison DID U JUST SAY THE F WORD CARTMAN??... cartman:......... jew?.. kyle: no hes talking about fuck, you cant say fuck in fuckin school u fuckin fat ass..mr garison:KYLE!!!.. cartman: why the fuck not??.. mr.garison: CARTMAN!!!!.. kyle: dude u just said fuck again.. mr.garison:KYLE!!!.. kenny:(mumbles fuck).. mr.garison:KENNY!!! cartman: whats wrong, not like it hures anybody or nuthin... FUCK FUCKIDI FUCK FUCK FUCK.. mr.garison: HOW WUOLD U LIKE 2 GO SEE THE PRINCIPLE??!!.. cartman: HOW WOULD U LIKE 2 SUCK MY BALLS????.. all gasp.. mr.garison: WHAT DID U SAY?!?!.. cartman: o o im sorry what i said was (pulls out loud speaker) HOW WUOLD U LIKE 2 SUCK MY BALLS mr.garison??.. stan:holy shit dude!!
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MOVIE TITLE South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut - 1999