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QUOTE put ur motha fuckin hands up & follow me now while he stands tough notice that this man did not have his hands up this free worlds got u gased up now whos afraid of the big bad wolf 1 2 3 into the 4 1 pac 2 pac 3 pac 4 4 pac 3 pac 2 pac 1 ur pac hes pac no pacs none this guy aint no mothafuckin MC i no everythin hes got to say against me i am white i am a fuckin punk i do live in a trailer with ma mum im still standin here screamin fuck the free world dont ever try to judge me dude u dont no what the fuck ive been threw but i no somethin about u u went to clambrooke thats a private school whats the matter dawg u embarrassed this guys a gansta? his real names clarence and clarence lives at home with both parents and clarences parents have a real good marriage hes scared to death hes scared to look at his fuckin year book fuck clambrooke
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MOVIE TITLE 8 Mile - 2002