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QUOTE but when your an overweight child, in a society that demands perfection, were your sense of right, wrong, fair, unfair will always be tragically skewed (fat bastard farts) austin: did u just soil yourself?? fat bastard: maybe..it did sound a little wet didnt it right at the end. oOo lets have a smell oOo waufting waufting O everyone likes there own brand dont they O this is magic. all right anaylsis, O smells like carrots and throw up. O that could gag a maggot. it smells like, hot, sick, ASS in a dead carcass. oh even stink would say that stinks. ya know when u got an apartment buiulding an u can smell other peoples cookin on each floor an u go what r they cookin, that plus crap.
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MOVIE TITLE Austin Powers: Goldmember - 2002