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QUOTE Future-well jimmy moved in his mother, cuz he aint got no place to go. Em-and now im right back in the gutter, with a garbage bag thas full of clothes. Future-cuz you live at home in a trailor, what the hell you gunna do. Em-cuz i live at home in a trailor, mom im commin home to you. well my name is jimmy, his names greg bule, me him n you we went to the same school, this aint cool, im in a rage, hes tappin my mom we almost the same age, on the microphone i drop bombs, look at this car THANKS ALOT MOM! here happy birthday rabbit, heres a brand new car you can have it, a 1928 delta, the shit wont even get me to the shetla, and i cant even stand for motown, cuz im back in the 810 now.
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MOVIE TITLE 8 Mile - 2002