Quotes Description

QUOTE 1. Have you got some kind of warrant for this? 2. You know, you have a very big mouth, sir! Are you hiding something from me? Is that it? I bet you that is your Porsche that's parked front, isn't it? How would you like me to have the IRS come down here and crawl up your ass with a fucking microscope? They'll do it! I've seen them do it! It's not a pretty sight! I want you to know something, pal! I want ALL of y'all to know something! I can have twenty five agents down here in fifteen minutes to march in here, snatch your bonds out from underneath you and you'd be out of business, PERMANENTLY, if I don't start getting some cooperation! Is that understood? 3. Don't get upset, Inspector! We'll give you anything you need! Right, guys? 4. Anything you need!
HINT 1 80s movie
HINT 2 Eddie Murphy
MOVIE TITLE Beverly Hills Cop - 1984