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QUOTE i am white. i am a fuckin bum. I do live in a trailer with my mom. My homeboy future is an uncle tom. I do have a stupid friend named cheddar bob who shot himself in the leg with hos own gun. I did get jumped by all six of you chumps. And he did fuck my girl. I'm still standing here yelling fuck the free world. But I know somthing about you. you went to Cranbrook, that's a private school. Whats the matter dod you embarresed? This guys a gangsta, his real names clarence! ANd clarance lives a home with both his parents. And claences parents have a real good marriage. you can bring your ass back to cranbrook cause theres no such thing as a half way crook. Fucka beat, Ill go accapella. Fuck a Poppa Dock fucka clock fuck everybody. Fuck you too if you doubt me. Fuck this battle I dont wanna win, im outie. Here, tell them sothing they dont already know about me.
HINT 1 new movie
HINT 2 freestyle battles
MOVIE TITLE 8 Mile - 2002