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QUOTE [The Angels are losing their first game in the movie by several points and Gates, the pitcher, is really stinking up the place, George kicks Gatorade cooler.] Wilder: With another example of his infamous temper, [George makes ''T'' with his arms.] Wilder: ...manager George Knox calls time out, he will have a word with his pitcher, Frank Gates. Roger: I don't think it's gonna be a happy word. Wilder: And it looks like Knox is gonna take Gates out. Gates doesn't look to pleased about this. Knox: Gimme the ball. Gates: It ain't my fault; you need a new outfield! Knox: YOU'RE OUTTA HERE! GIMME THE BALL!!!!! Gates: You want the ball. Here you go. [He throws ball into bleachers.] Gates: GO GET IT! Wilder: Gates is throwin' his ball... [Gates throws glove into the bleachers.] Wilder: ...AND GLOVE INTO THE STANDS! [Fight begins.] Fan in stands: YOU STINK, KNOX! Umpire 1: KNOX, YOU'RE OUTTA HERE! Roger: Come on, ump, leave 'im in! J.P.: YEAH, DON'T THROW 'IM OUT!
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MOVIE TITLE Angels in the Outfield - 1994