Quotes Description

QUOTE 1: Now what would Scarlett O'Hara think of you doing 'As God is my Witness' in a polka dot bikini? Here, you'll wear my mama's hoop skirt. 2: I know how to win this thing. 1: Why Melaine, it is bad manners to think about winning! 2: Look Luanne! I'm not goin' to college like some people. And I sure as hell ain't marryin' a damn Ralston. And I ain't gonna die in a parrish house in Spartanburg, South carolina, thank you! Luanne, I'm as pretty as any of those girls in Hollywood. Jimmy Valentine's gonna discover me today. And it ain't gonna be in your mama's hoop skirt! 1: Would you at least consider wearing my one piece bathing suit?
HINT 1 myrtle beach
HINT 2 the sc state dance
MOVIE TITLE Shag - 1988