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QUOTE STRIKER (ralking to Kramer over the radio): Lets not kid each other Kramer. You know I've never flown a bucket like this! I'm gonna need all the luck there is. KRAMER (back to Striker): Standby Striker. (clicks off radio, turns and speaks with McCrosky) Our one hope is to build this man up, I've got to give him all the confidence I can. (clicks radio back on to speak with Striker) Striker, have you ever flown a multi-engine plane before? STRIKER: No, never. KRAMER (quickly turns to McCrosky, forgets to click off radio): Shit! This is a God damned waste of time, there's no way he can land that plane! MCCROSKY (pleads with Kramer, radio still on) Grab ahold of yourself! You gotta talk him down, you gotta! KRAMER (still unaware that the radio is on and Striker's confidence is dropping): We ought to route him in Lake Michigan, at least we'll avoid killing innocent people!
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MOVIE TITLE Airplane! - 1980