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QUOTE ( Lucky & Patch are both covered in soot at the Labrador's place ) Lucky: DAD, PATCH PUSHED ME IN THE FIREPLACE! Patch: LUCKY PUSHED ME FIRST! Lucky: DID NOT! Patch: DID TOO! Lucky: DID NOT! Patch: DID TOO! Lucky: DID... NOT! ( sticks tongue out ) Perdita: PLEASE, CHILDREN, DON'T QUARRELL. Pongo: ( notices pile of soot in fireplace ) SAY! PERDY, I'VE GOT AN IDEA! ( rolls in soot, comes out looking like the Labrador ) LOOK! I'M A LABRADOR! WE'LL ALL ROLL IN THE SOOT; WE'LL ALL BE LABRADORS! Labrador: SAY! THAT IS AN IDEA! Pongo: COME ON, KIDS, ROLL IN THE SOOT! Puppy 1: YOU MEAN YOU WANT US TO GET DIRTY?! Puppy 2: DID YOU HEAR THAT, FRECKLES?! Puppy 3: DAD WANTS US TO GET DIRTY! Puppy 4: MOTHER, SHOULD WE? Perdita: DO AS your FATHER SAYS. Puppy 1: ( disguised as a Labrador ) HEHEHE... WE'RE GONNA FOOL THE OLD MAD LADY!
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MOVIE TITLE 101 Dalmations - 1961