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QUOTE 1) Hey lady that's a fire plug 2) I know it 1) Its against the law to park along side a fire plug 2) I know it 1) Come here 2) who me? why? 1) I'm Constable Sloakum 2) Oh, is that so? How do you do I'm Susan Vanks 2) How do you d--- now listen I just want to let you know that you can't park along side a fire plug 2) Well I was just watching the parade 1) Oh you were 2) I bet you get free seats to the circus 1) Well Elmer and I usu---now listen I'm just going to give you a ticket, 2) Oh jeepers 1) young lady it might interest you to know that you are under arrest. 2) Oh well...I mean why? 1) For parking along side a fire plug 2) Oh you mean that you think t hat this is my car 1) Well aint it? 2) No that's my car 1) Well why didn't you say so in the first place? 2) Well you didn't ask me
HINT 1 Katherine Hepburn
HINT 2 baby
MOVIE TITLE Bringing Up Baby - 1938