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QUOTE RYCE: Oh my gosh! Emily's in the pool! BABYSITTER: The pool! RYCE & TED: Emily! Emily! BABYSITTER: What are you doing in the pool?! Young lady! Get out of there this instant! Do you want to get me into trouble?! TED: Oh, Emily you must have been so scared. EMILY: I thought I was gonna die! BABYSITTER: We dont want to get in any trouble, so we'll let this be our little secret. RYCE: I'd like to call my mother please. BABYSITTER: Your mother? RYCE: Immediately. BABYSITTER: She must have snuck out while I was watching Ted and Ryce. It was hot out, so I guess she wanted to take a little swim. ALICE: Where were you while all this was happening? BABYSITTER: I was where I was supposed to be, inside watching the other two. If Emily had stayed where I put her, none of this would have happened. If you ask me, what these children need is a little discipline. ALICE: What these children need is their mother, you're fired.
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MOVIE TITLE Beethoven - 1992