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QUOTE (what are you doing derek, this is your family) Right, my family, my family and you know what? I don't give two shits about you or anybody else or what you think, you're not a part of it and you never will be. (that has nothing to do with it) Oh it doesn't? You don't think I see what you're trying to do here? You think I'm gonna sit here and smile while some fucking kike tries to fuck my mother? it's never gonna happen murray, fucking forget it, not on my watch not while im in this family...I will fucking cut your shilock nose off and stick it up your ass before I let that happen. Comin in her and poisoning my family's dinner with you jewish, nigger loving, hippy bullshit! Fuck you! Fuck you! Yeah, walk out. Asshole, fucking kabala reading mother fucker, get the fuck outta my house!
HINT 1 vinyard
HINT 2 murray
MOVIE TITLE American History X - 1998