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QUOTE Kenny - Yo, I was havin a flashback to seventh grade and I remember that party where we played spin the bottle and it landed on you and you know we never did get that kiss! And after I remember you starin' at me, kinda laughin wich'yo girlfriends. Girl - Oh yea! You were eating Cheetos and the orange stuff got all stuck in your braces and nobody wanted to tell you! So you just kept on eatin em! Oh my god, it was the funniest thing! LYNN! COME HERE! I'M TELLIN LITTLE KENNY HERE HOW WE USED TO CALL HIM CHESTER CHEETO! (Everyone laughs) Kenny - What are you laughing at? Foreign Exchange Student - (laughing) Cheetah!! Cheetah! Grrarrr!
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MOVIE TITLE Can't Hardly Wait - 1998