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QUOTE miles- what happend to u, when i left u were like plickity plow plickity plick. now your like WHABOOM! AND SOME OPRAH SHIT. ???- Janese your sad ass sack of bones is here! miles- OH i apoigize u her cousin. can i buy u some cereal? (janese arrives) miles-you look beautiful. u are beautiful and thasts not just 2 years of prison talking. janese- aww miles it must have been hard for u in there all alone in ur tiny cot. tell me miles, did u think about me? miles- think about u all the time. think about u right now. janese- WELL U SHOULD OF THOUGHT ABOUT THAT BEFORE U STARTED ROBBIN PEOPLE! (slams door in miles' face) miles- JANESE I NEVER ROBBRED YOU! im a rehabilitated man! JANESE! janese-Miles i didnt come see you for 2 years. wasnt that a sign? miles- well i knew u couldnt stand to see ur man like thst. janese- MAN U NOT MY MAN! U LIED. u told me u were a banker! miles- no bankrobber. yea see sometimes i studder but im gettin that whole speach impedimet thing... janese- miles ur avery smart man, but the entire time we spent together was one big lie miles- oh i can change janese- OH NO U CANT! (slams window) milese- oh dont do me like dat!
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MOVIE TITLE Blue Streak - 1999