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QUOTE a)preperations A to G were a complete failure but now ladies and gentleman we finally have a working tractor beam which we shall call preperation H! b)(laughs) a) what? b) why don't you just call it preperation ass cream you ass. a) i'm sorry did you want some ice cream b) yes. i would love some choclate ass cream. a)perhaps later c)______ i love your plan a)you ah d) yah ehh dr it's a real good plan a)yes ________ on the whole i think preperation H feels good b)(laughs) a) what is it now? b)no nothing, you know what i agree preperation H does feel good......'on the hole' a) well i'm glad were sprekenzi the same ligadi, yeah ladies and gentlemen. using my time machine i shall travel back to 1975 pick up gold member and bring him back to the future. and the best part of this plan is...no one can stop me... not even__________________! e)your surrounded _________ a) shit!
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MOVIE TITLE Austin Powers: Goldmember - 2002