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QUOTE Em: your style is generic/mines authentic made/i role like a renegade/you need clinic aid/my techniques bizzare an ill/i scare an kill/you were a star until i served you like a bar and grill/you wanna battle?/you beat around the bush/like you scared to lick pussy so you eat around the tush/i need a clown to push/someone that i can bully/wait a minute, i dont think you understand fully/see me without the styles like mustard witout the heinz/i lead the new school/you a busta witout the rhymes/i knock the shit out ya line Soul: now i'm the da sheeky smokin that lick-licky/10 freaky girls inside the chin tiki/squirm when you see me you betta belive me/this aint a game and pimpin aint easy/anythin goes when it comes to hoes/i'm the king pin when it comes to blows/you betta ask someone if you dont know/when you see me girls, say what up dawg
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MOVIE TITLE 8 Mile - 2002