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QUOTE Jack: Look, what happened between us last night it's like this ongoing problem with me. It happens all the time - I meet someone, we go home together, but then the next day it's Cindy: What?! The next day what?! Jack: Well, they tell me that suddenly they've developed these feelings for me Cindy: What are you saying, that every woman you go home with falls in love with you or something? Jack: Yes!! It's like a curse! It never ends! Cindy: A woman falls in love with you and you think that's a curse! Jack: You have no idea! Cindy: No! I don't! because I think you're lucky! I mean there are some people who wait their entire lives for someone to tell them they feel that way about them, and you!!, you just throw it away like it's nothing, like it's a minor inconvenience! Well let me tell you something, Jack!, you are cursed - just not the way you think you are.
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MOVIE TITLE 200 Cigarettes - 1999