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QUOTE Now if u want 2 know if a girl like that is good enought 2 marry she got 2 pass da test..... I call it da Mario test... This is what u do, u take a girl that..right, u take her 4 a ride in your car...right, u jump on da highway, pull along side one of them big fuckin 18 wheelers, honk your horn do whatever u got 2 do to get da drivers attention- now thats important.....now at da same time u put your hand behind this fuckin broads head and start pushing her head down firmly between your legs..... its 4 her own good believe me..... now if this fuckin broad goes down on the ole brasola knowing that the guy in da trunk is watching, then shes a pig and she cant be trusted..... then they get into it, they do something with their hand , they put their hair over their ear.. they done it before, their a fuckin pro.------------JOJO---------------
HINT 1 Crazy Mario
HINT 2 Shes a pig
MOVIE TITLE Bronx Tale, A - 1993