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QUOTE so i jump ship in hong kong and i make my way over to tibet and i get on as a loope over there in a course in the himilayas ...... a looper?.,,,,,,,,,,,,,, a looper , a caddy ya kno a looper, jock so i tell em im a pro jock and who do u think they give me? the dalai llama himself the twelth son of the llamas the flowing robes the grace, bald striking. so im on the first tee with him and i give him the driver he hauls off and whacks one big hitter long into a ten thousand foot crevice right at the base of this glacier do you know wut the llama says?...........no.......................gunga alunga gunga alagunga... so we finish 18 and hes gonna stiff me and i say hey llama hey how bout a little somethin for ya know the effort ya know and he says well ohh there wont be any money but when you die on your deathbed you will recieve total conscienceness so i got that goin for me which is nice
HINT 1 gunga alunga
HINT 2 the dalai llama
MOVIE TITLE Caddyshack - 1980