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QUOTE 1. Is this the best restaurant in town? 2. Do you know what time it is? Go away! 1. No, it's an emergency, I need the entire restaurant for a marriage proposal! (2. tries to shut the door again before Wolf shoves money in his face)Now you will need to start work immediately, I want food that will sweep her off her feet but also glue her to her seat, I want her to feel that this is the meal that has changed her life! 2. I am the greatest chef in the nine kingdoms, folks travel hundreds of miles just to eat my food. 1. yeah, well, my date's from a different dimension so don't slip up. 2.(laughs at Wolf's food list) That's 13 main courses! 1. Too much? 2. Not if you're really hungry, I guess, how many other guests? 1. Just the 2 of us. 2. Two? I thought you were gonna say 20, this is far too much food for 2 people! 1. Yeah, you're right, skip the soup.
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MOVIE TITLE 10th Kingdom, The - 2000