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QUOTE ROCCO:A Black guy,MOB BOSS:NIGER ROCCO:yeah,yeah, a spic, and a white guy are walkin on the beach. They find a bottle and rub it and a jinni pops out and says what would you like? The spic says I want all my people to be happy and live in Spain. Poof, done. The black gut MOB BOSS:NIGGER ROCCO:yeah yeah thatz what i said, the nigger wishes for all his af...nigger brothers to be happy and back in Africa. Poof, done...never mind i am havin a bad day, this joke sucks (mob boss pushes sandwhich aside)MOB BOSS:Finsih the Joke ROCCO:ok..ok...so The white guy steps up and says, you mean to tell me all the niggers and spics are outta America? The jinni says, yes. The white guy says, well in that case, gimme a coke.
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MOVIE TITLE Boondock Saints, The - 1999