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QUOTE (austin,s and felicity,s romance moment get disturbed,when somebody knock they door.) voice:special delivery! (fat bastard broke the door when he come inside,and he,s have a gun.) fat bastard:suprise,suprise.hey baby,do you want to do it again? because if have get fat,you never wanna go back,haahahhaaa! austin:shut you mouth,you bastard...who is fat. fat bastard:oh,yeah. felicity:before you kill us,let me ask one question.are you happy? fat bastard:what kind of stupid question is that?im rich and dead-sexy! felicity:you didnt answer my question.are you happy? fat bastard:of course im no happy.look at me,i am big, fat sloob. i,ve got bigger tittyy,s then you do,and i got more chings then chiense born pig!i havent see my wheely over two years,it,s long enough to say it,s a legualy dea!(sighh..)i cant stop eating.i eat be cause im unhappy...(heavy sigghh...)and im unhappy because i eat,it,s wicth circel.if you excuse,theres some i have to get in toush him to forget.. myself(fat bastard fart)prooooooooo! austin:oh my god... fat bastard.sorry,i farted.it,s a long to do ahead...argh,hwo im kidding?imgonna kill you anyway(butt felicity have allready get ready to this and kick...RIGHT ON THE NUTTS! OOOOOOOOOH!RIGHT IN THE MOMMYDADDY-BUTTOM! felicity:that,s for calling me fat,you crappy. (fat bastard fall in the floor.) austin:no bab,he really is fat bastard,butt you shuoldnt knock him in the bells,it,s just not krickets...
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MOVIE TITLE Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me - 1999