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QUOTE Lee: so here's the buffet. what's going on? kiki: bad morning, preceded by 33 bad years. Lee: well what's with all the food? Kiki: ever hear of the expression falling of the wagon, well this is it. Lee: yeah but you got 20 or 30lbs. to break your fall. is it Gwen? Kiki: no, i love my sister. i love everything about her. kiki, kiki kins. who's smoking. i smell smoke. is there somebody smoking within a 6mi. radis of where i'm standing? stop them kiki stop them. um maam could i have some more butter. oh kiki my butter has touched another food i need new butter. um maam, the butter? what are they out of butter how can you be out of butter? Lee: i have this theory. Kiki: you know what i need an assistant. because if i had an assistant she would be out there milking a cow and i would never ever run out of butter.(continues eating) she's got a green dress, looks like crap on her. brings out the circles under her eyes, she knows i know it. so then she gave it to me. it actually looks pretty nice on me and then she decided well maybe she wanted it back. she didn't want it back, she just didn't want ME to have it. Lee: so what is it, you're in love with Eddie? Kiki: well wouldn't that be stupid. Lee: listen i've done every one of their movies and i've never seen him look at her the way he's been looking at you. and if you're in love you should just go for it, the way you went for this breakfast. well not the way you went for this breakfast but...
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MOVIE TITLE America's Sweethearts - 2001