Harry Potter

That's rich, coming from the owner of that smelly old shoe brush. It's alright, Crookshanks. Just ignore the mean little boy.

From Harry Potter, 2004

Be it children, teenagers or adults, this movie has grasped the interest of all movie viewers. This movie series have become famous worldwide bringing with it into fame with itself the people who have worked into this movie. This movie takes you into a world of wizardry and witchcraft where no task big or small is impossible to do.

Harry potter is an ordinary boy but rather a miserable and lonely one. He is always shunned by the Dursley’s, who have raised him since he was an infant. They force him into clothes that are not of his size and live in a small cupboard under the stairs. His life was as miserable as it could get like reading a fatherhood book in the dark.

Then suddenly on his eleventh birthday he meets a giant called Hagrid who informs him that he is a wizard and that too a very special one. He is known by the whole wizarding world!

The movie takes you into a magical world where Harry is educated in a magical school Hogwarts which is headed by Albus Dumbledore and each year he is faced by many difficulties, that too life threatening ones. Harry realizes many truths about him and his family and meets many people to him who might be strangers but to them he is like family. In his five years at Hogwarts he faces many enemies and fights them often saving his friends from danger. HE also finds out an inevitable truth, the darkest of all wizards Lord Voldemort is out there to kill him and he a defenseless boy must either kill him or die.

He fights against Voldemort each year sacrificing his loved ones in the fight against justice. He loses his dear Godfather Sirius Black and then he also loses his most beloved friend Albus Dumbledore his headmaster. But he does not give up like walking through agarden cottage and in the end truth triumphs over all darkness and all is well again.

Although the movies have been made out of the seven series book of Harry potter, namely the sorcerer’s stone, the chamber of secrets, the prisoner of Azkaban, the goblet of fire, the order of phoenix, the half blood prince and the still to be released deathly hallows which have been written by the world wide author JK Rowling still it has been able to attract viewers from all over the world. Brilliantly directed by David Yates the Half blood Prince has been nominated for the Oscars for best Cinematography.

The role of Harry potter has been played by Daniel Radcliffe who has done full justice in his role. The supporting roles of Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley have been played by Emma Watson and Rupert Grint who have also helped in making this movie a wonderful experience.

This movie series has been appreciated by people all over the world for its great effects and animations. It has in fact given life to the books written by JK Rowling. On the whole the movies are a good watch and will surely please children.

The fifth year for Harry, Hermione and Ron is dawning on the magic school Hogwarts. But first, it still means: summer vacation. They are anything but pleasant for Harry, he must still grapple with its unloved relatives, the Dursleys. And not only with those who for one afternoon, Harry and Dudley Dursley by two Dementors, horrible demons attacked. To defend himself and his cousin, Harry conjures - and thus committing a fatal error. Because it is prohibited students under 17 years of magic, magic in the presence of Muggles (ordinary mortals =) to. Under the Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge (Robert Hardy), there is the show trial, Harry will be expelled from the guild. Only the use of Director Albus Dumbledore (Michael Gambon), he owes it, that this does not happen. One thing is clear: The dark Lord Voldemort is once again stronger and confrontational. But first, the school is a completely different evil threatens: Professor Dolores Umbridge (Imelda Staunton) is not just a sugar-sweet nature and has a high affinity for the color pink, but has been infiltrated by Fudge, who fears that Dumbledore would undermine his authority. Soon Umbridge makes itself unpopular with everyone: It wants to enforce a school reform, and they can, thanks to support from "top", too. Classes demoted to an hour and theory in the great hall are accumulating bills, can hang the caretaker Filch at the insistence of the new director of Hogwarts soon. Harry and his friends, however, secretly purging "Dumbledore's Army" - in a secret room, they are preparing for the worst.

Film Critics:
From the joy and sometimes the naivety of the first part is in the latest Harry Potter not feel much. Instead, a dark atmosphere prevails. Part 5, however, remains mainly free of "aha" moments. He suggests not to marvel, but simply unwinds his story. Accommodate one to several hundred pages thick book in just over two hours film running time is, of course, a thankless task, and so some questions remain, the development of some characters is leaps and bounds. As an example, only the most famous scene from the film will be called, which slipped in the run through all media: The kissing scene between Harry and Cho (Katie Leung) - oh, how sweet, and oh, how cute, but then he makes them but simply and fall barely speaks to her. As if nothing had happened. Not very jovial, the young man

By David Yates was also required to a director, although the award-winning TV has plenty of experience, but the benefits of the big screen is not particularly appreciate for themselves. Long stretches Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is very "fernsehmäßig staged. He can not even get from the actors many achievements, among which, of course, have to suffer the child actors the most. Emma Watson, for the first part still inundated with offers prizes, a very pale performance, which is especially noticeable at the beginning when she and Rupert Grint (aka Ron) both speak to set up a nervous glance with Harry and watch as ever, they would not The inserts give. Even Daniel Radcliffe in the title role, although growth ", but has a not very broad spectrum of Emotionswandlugen.

School reform is the true light theme of the film that appeals to so something political issues. The "revolution" is it true at Hogwarts until the end, when the two Weasley twins hold a fireworks display in the great hall. First, there is a dictatorship in pink: Imelda Staunton (the prior three years as a stunned Vera Drake) plays the new sugar-sweet but icy professor who makes no secret of the fact that she is at the behest of the minister at Hogwarts and all the teaching and etiquette feels for not very orthodox. Who will not hear must feel that Harry gets the same in the first hour to feel painful.

To the special effects is reasonably well-appointed: Although extremely sees the flight through London at night at the beginning of the film from artificial, but the brilliant showdown can some visually, although it gives the setting and put up something heavy on a lightsaber duel Star Wars recalls. The music by Nicholas Hooper will remain quietly in the background and may by the ebullient John Williams tunes of the first parts (yes, Soundtrack No. 4 is not compete by Patrick Doyle).

Dark, gloomy, Harry Potter. The fifth part leaves a mixed impression, and will expire after a few surprising patterns. Viewing values are largely in place, especially the young actors seem a bit let down. Even so, the story is fairly interesting, there's always something new happens, you feel rarely bored. Published by Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, the next year, and again is directed by David Yates, I expect, however, not very much.

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