A New Year Means Movie Quotes Will Be Better Then Ever
Just a quick thank you to our thousands of quoters who submit all these movie quotes to the site. Without you, Movie Quotes would not be the same! Heres to another great year of blockbuster movies and more famous movie lines from all the upcoming movies this year! Don't forget to like us on Facebook and spread the word of the greatest movie quotes all in one place


Sorry For The Glitches And Errors You Are Receiving!
Thanks for all the feedback regarding the error messages many of you are experiencing when you try to play the movie quotes game or submit new quotes. The issue with submitting new quotes has been fixed. If you are still experiencing issues, please contact us with the error you are getting so we can get the probelm addressed asap. We have alot of support and visitors on the site so your feedback is very important for us. We have added many movies to our database of so keep them coming. Thanks again for all your support!


Welcome to the new layout for The MovieQuotes Site!
The new setup is designed to make using this site easier and hopefully at least as much fun as before. We have upgraded to Your "website ease" is now using the best coding platform out there today! In addition to the new look Registered Quoters now have several new options including a chat board, consolidated options panel, and default Score and Ratings setting which will apply to both the Quotes Game and quotes in the Repository.


I've done some major updates this weekend folks. Mostly I have been trying to fix a memory leak that has been plauging this site since I switched to the new layout. Other fixes include:
Fixed the Chatboard login system. Everyone should be able to get into the chatboard by hitting the 'Login' button. I think I've fixed a bug that was effecting people's Life Karma and Mod Points. Once I'm sure that fix is working I'll restablish everyone's levels.


LIFE KARMA and MODERATION POINTS problems should be fixed now. The last problem (I hope) that was still causing problems was with the submission system. Once users had built up enough karma points to move to the next Life Karma level everything broke. Definitely a coder (ie: ME) problem. I have put in place three fixes which should prevent this from happening again. I also created a script that will update everyone's Life Karma and Mod Points to where they should be. It is currently running, but I dont expect it to complete until sometime tomorrow morning. I will double check the database in the morning to make sure it completes.


Fixed bug which was preventing anyone from using the Moderation option. The moderation script should be working fine now. Thanks to Quoter27182 for reporting the problem on the message board.


part2: Added new link "Override Your Default Settings" which will allow logged in Quoters to see all quotes on a movie in the repository regardless of their default score and rating settings.


Fixed bug in Repository that showed a Quoters name regardless of that Quoters' display option setting. The display option setting now determines how your information shows up on Quotes you have submitted to the site.


I'm working on the bug reported on the message board about the number of quotes listed for a movie in the repository not matching the number of quotes actually displayed for a movie (not the whole score/rating issue, an actual bug). Sorry it is taking s olong. I've been looking for a new dog breeder and got side tracked. I have updated the overall total of quotes on each movie title in the repository. I have also put in place a patch which should keep those totals up to date from now on.


Per requests on the message board I have added the moderation option 'Quote was Wrong'. Also added functionality to show you how your Quote has been moderated when you pull the quote up using the fullquote.cgi form.


part2: Added Movie Suggestion functionality. Logged in Quoters have a link in the right navigation bar which allows them to suggest a title they think isnt in the database. To use it enter part of the title. The script will then search for any matching titles and display them. If the title you were after is found it will be listed and you can click on it to submit a new quote. If it isnt found you can enter the full movie title and year and submit. Suggestions will be added to the database after being reviewed.


There has been a bug recently with the regular Quotes game where it would not give logged in Quoters more than one visible Quote. The rest of the Quotes were displayed as blank. This problem should be fixed now.
I made some modifications awhile back in an attempt to make the game load faster. Apparently there was some weird cumulative effect that eventually caused this problem. Not sure why, still checking into it. For now it appears fixed. Sorry about the problem and any inconvience it may have caused you. And thank you very much to the Quoters who logged into the message board to report the problem.


The move to the new server should not be complete. I am sorry it took so long and caused the site to be down for awhile last night. Hopefully that will be the last major host move for awhile. If you notice any new problems showing up in the next few days please be sure to login to the message board and report it. Thanks!