What you've got here is a perfect eating machine. It's a miracle of evolution. It does nothing but swim, eat, and make little sharks.

From Jaws 1975

The movie Jaws was a summer blockbuster thriller in 1975. It was based on a best selling novel by Peter Benchley and directed by award winning director Steven Spielberg. This movie was the ‘must see’ movie of 1975 and spurred on other thrillers based on creatures in the sea such as whales and sharks.

Jaws starred Roy Schneider as the town’s Police Chief and Richard Dreyfuss as the annoying Marine Scientist. Robert Shaw portrayed the grungy fisherman and Lorraine Gray played the role of the Police Chief’s wife. The actors worked well together making the movie very believable.

The plot of Jaws is that a great white shark comes to terrorize a small sleepy island community called Amity. It is based on a fictional place but many oceanfront towns became more aware of the dangers of the deep by watching this movie. The story follows the Police Chief as he tries to convince the town that the shark is real and something that needs to be dealt with quickly.

When the Police Chief finally goes out to sea to kill the shark he takes along the Marine Scientist and the grungy fisherman. The movie follows their interaction with each other and with the shark. Each one trying to take control of the situation and in the end learning to solve the problem they must work together.

The movie also contained classic, thrilling suspense music. The theme from jaws is one of the most widely known scores and it is frequently repeated. When you hear the thrilling music you immediately think that danger is right around the corner and the faster the music the closer it is.

“Jaws” is the pioneer among creature movies. Based on the novel with the same name written by Peter Benchley, “Jaws” is undoubtedly one of the classic masterpieces in the horror genre. The movie made by Steven Spielberg was made during a time when extravagant special effects were not available. But the movie, without the aid of such special effects sparkles like a diamond among Steven Spielberg’s movies.

The movie starts slowly showing the slow and restful life of people at Amity Island, the venue for the movie. Soon shark attacks plague the people of the town. The attacks are orchestrated with charm in the movie where the shark is not seen in the beginning. A girl swimming in the water casually as if everything were normal grips the audiences. Out of the blue, the unseen shark suddenly attacks and the victim is shown trying to escape from the clutches of the “unseen” shark.

Thereafter the police chief who is in charge of the island finds out about the shark attacks and recruits an ocean expert who has studied sharks. He tries to close the beach down in vain owing to stiff resistance from the mayor of the town who wants the beach open to cash in on the summer tourists. Nevertheless the shark attacks begin again and the people of Amity Island head out to the open sea to kill the monster shark.

The music in the movie is suited for the horror ambiance and the suspense makes audiences squirm in their seats. As the tension mounts, the pace of the music increases. The important characters in the movie are introduced to the audience in an artistic manner by Spielberg. “Jaws” is undoubtedly a masterpiece which will continue to thrill audiences in the days to come.

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