Million Dollar Baby

Damn woman won't do a thing I tell her.

From Million Dollar Baby, 2004

Frankie Dunn (Clint Eastwood) has spent his life in the ring - as a coach and manager; he has supervised a number of legendary boxer. The crucial rule that he teaches his fighters, he also obeyed itself: More important than anything else is their own coverage. Because Frankie suffers much that his daughter has turned away from him, he has received for many years no more closer relationship. Only one person can call his friend, ex-boxer Scrap (Morgan Freeman), who sees in Frankie's training center in accordance with the rights and knows that is beneath the hard shell, a soft core broadway musical type: For 23 years Frankie visited almost daily Mass and asks for forgiveness, which appears to him but not so far been granted ist.Doch then Maggie Fitzgerald (Hilary Swank) in his training center.

Maggie has never been easy, but it has something to achieve what very few ever: She knows what she wants and she goes each risk in order to get it. Maggie's life is a constant struggle, and it proves itself every day with unbridled talent, unwavering determination and amazing willpower. More than anything she wants but that someone believes in them. But it is precisely this responsibility from Frankie rejects strict - not to mention the risk. He does not talk around the bush: Maggie is too old, and besides, Frankie's not training women. But because she has no choice, they can not be put off by his rejection. Maggie is not ready to give up her dream, maybe they just can not. Anyway, they trained daily until they drop, with only a scrap makes her courage. Finally, Frankie is softened by her tenacity and agrees reluctant to take her under his wing.

While the two spur each other or take turns white-hot, they soon realize that they are cut from the same cloth: They manage to leave the painful past behind them and they finally grow together as a team to the family, since both long been lacking. Not yet they suspect that awaits them a fight, the more concentration and courage required of them than they can imagine..

Film Critics:
Tough is not enough -----
MILLION DOLLAR BABY is a dramatic tour de force and substance that unites all a drama in a very discreet and subtle way to a mix as they could hardly be more powerful. The characters are beautifully drawn by a detailed script executed, the outstanding representations of the actors give them the necessary depth and eloquence of the narrative of the film includes all of these strengths, it still emphasizes clear, and adds them together into one work to settle a visit to the cinema aesthetic and emotional experience can be. Although my heart still beats for Martin Scorsese (THE AVIATOR), I can not but admit that MILLION DOLLAR BABY in the sum of the better film, and has earned an Oscar as "Best Film in good faith." MILLION DOLLAR BABY is in fact not "just" a boxing film, it is transported a substantial drama which issues and values that are far more universal than its contents.

Protect yourself at all times -----
The look of the film is consistently black. Fincher's SE7EN Since there was no film that has brought in his paintings such a potent black on the canvas. Especially the scenes in the boxing gym are so excellently lit, that light and dark black shadows contrasting transport, which will immerse the film, despite (or because) of his craft simplicity in an atmosphere which emphasizes the depth of content of the main characters strong and the other a structurally exciting, visual level established. In this production, moving characters that are caught in the net of their delicate, spiritual shadow landscapes, decisions are always their own (mis), and subjected to uncertainties (self doubt) and feel at the end facing the abyss of physical and psyichischer self-destruction. The staging of this never goes to the level of a sentimental melodrama, rather, MILLION DOLLAR BABY captivates through its precise entirely from reality and can be stylized "larger-than-life emotions outside: What You See Is What You Get!

I think someone should count to 10 -----
Clint Eastwood's MILLION DOLLAR BABY undoubtedly reached a high point in his career as a director. His account of the foreground is the Roughnecks Boxer coaches but no less well. Specifically, the intimate chemistry that he can build with the characters which is also great acting Hilary Swank and Morgan Freeman, are very impressive emotional level and also works as far as their "central theme" of the film. Is supported by the brings together a truly magnificent drama, which (so called) loose ends in the end very eloquently, in a way they linked together, which tightens the narrative arc very elegant 360 degrees around the film, without spanning it as above. Only the soundtrack can not always keep up here. They backed the action, although in a very subtle and appropriate manner, in compliance with but too far in the background to really achieve this is relevant. Nevertheless, despite MILLION DOLLAR BABY is like a classic aperitif in a solid bar, the film is as efficient balance between the head and abdomen, an artfully-mixed martini or Manhattan cocktail: Simple, powerful, stylish and very aesthetic. Anybody care for a drink?

Million Dollar Baby is a touching story about an aged boxing trainer, and his relationship with his protégé. Clint Eastwood plays the role of the boxing trainer, Frankie Dunn, and Hilary Swank acts as Maggie Fitzgerald. Morgan Freeman who plays the role of Frankie’s friend, Eddie “Scrap Iron” Dupris, narrates parts of the story in this film.

Frankie can be best described as a loser. His family has left him, and so have his friends and co-workers. Professionally too things are not exactly going great guns. He is very fond of his daughter Katy, with whom he had some differences. She too does not want to have anything to do with her father. Yet Frankie continues to write to her, without fail, every week, only to have those letters returned to him. Frankie expresses his anguish to his priest, only to be disbelieved. But Frankie has one friend, a former boxer, who is also working under Frankie in his gym. He is Eddie “Scrap Iron” Dupris, or simply Scrap.

Elsewhere in Missouri town is a boxing aspirant, Maggie. She is a 31 year old waitress. All she wants to be is a boxing champion with no background check required so to speak. So she saves enough money to undergo boxing training at Los Angeles, after buying a house. She arrives in the city and approaches Frankie. Frankie is reluctant to accept her as his pupil, but accepts to train her because his friend Scrap is convinced, that is the right thing for him to do.

Maggie has a lot of grit, and is determined to shine. Many people discourage her, but she brushes them aside. In the meanwhile she has allowed her family to use her house for a while. But her mother is rather unhappy at her decision. She tells her how others are ridiculing her. But that does not deter Maggie. Frankie cannot but help appreciate the girl’s determination, and becomes a task master he once was. He starts liking the girl like his own daughter, and soon enough she reaches welterweight level in boxing competitions. She rises enough to participate in a match against welterweight champion of WBA. The defending champion is Billie the Blue Bear, and she is known to be unfair. Billie the Blue Bear was once in flesh trade. The match is held at Las Vagas, and Maggie almost wins the round. But Billie the Blue Bear hits her from behind making her fall on a stool which try as he could, Frankie is unable to remove in time. Therefore, Maggie sustains debilitating injury that paralizes her below her neck.

Nobody presses any charges towards Billie the Blue Bear! Frankie is devastated. He feels guilty for letting Maggie get into such a situation. He also gets angry with his friend Scrap for having convinced him to train the girl. But he feels what he did was unpardonable considering that he knew what could go wrong. Frankie informs Maggie’s folks several times. Finally they arrive, along with solicitors suggesting that she surrender her rights of properties to them. A hurt Maggie takes a firm stand even then. She informs them that the house that she has bought is in her name, and not in the name of any of her family members. She gives them an ultimatum. Either they get out and never be in touch with her again, or they can be prepared to become homeless as she could still sell the property. Her folks leave.

Left alone, Maggie asks Frankie to arrange for her death. Frankie refuses to help her with this resolve like stamp collecting without stamps. Even the priest with whom Frankie normally confides his problems advises against euthanasia. Unable to get help from any source for dying, Maggie bites her tongue many times so that the blood would choke her. But is saved by the hospital. All her attempts to commit suicide are foiled by the hospital personnel. Her suffering prompts Frankie to compromise on his stand. He finally agrees to administer lethal dose of adrenaline. But moments before he puts her to sleep, he tells her the meaning of the words he often used for her. For a long time, Frankie had called Maggie Mo Chuisle. These Irish words, when translated in English meant "My darling, my blood".

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