Mystic River

Oh, I get it. You're the good cop.

From Mystic River, 2003

Mystic River is a famous American drama film which was released on October 15, 2003. The movie is well directed by Clint Eastwood. Clint Eastwood is also the co-producer of the movie along with Robert Lorenz and Judie Hoyt. Mystic is a multi star movie starring Sean Penn, Tim Bobbins, Kevin Bacon, Laurence Fishburne, Laura Linney, Marcia Gay Harden and Emmy Rossum. In the movie Sean Penn as Jimmy Markum is in the leading role. The story of the movie is written by Brain Helgeland based on a novel written by Dennis Lehane.

The film starts with the story of three boys Sean Devine, Dave Boyle and Jimmy Markum, playing hockey on the street. In the meanwhile Dave was taken away by the two child molesters dressed like police officer and after that parents of Sean and Jimmy started to look for him. Dave finally managed to escape from the house of molesters and ran through the forest.

The story then moved twenty- five year ahead when the boys are grown and still staying in Boston. Now Jimmy (Sean Penn) is an ex-con running a store and Dave (Tim Bobbins) is doing a blue-collar job. These two are still neighbors and are married. Jimmy has a 19 year daughter Katie (Emmy Rossum) who is in love with Brendan Harris. One night Katie was murdered in a bar where Dave was also there but unaware of Katie’s murder. That night Dave returned home with an injury and blood all over his clothes. Dave told his wife that he had a fight with a mugger and perhaps killed him. The third character of the story Sean (Kevin Bacon) is a detective and he is investigating the murder case of Katie. Dave was taken to a bar by Jimmy and his friends where he was asked about the murder of Katie. There Dave confessed that he had killed a child molester that night but not Katie. But no one believed Dave. Then in order to escape from there Dave told lie, and finally accepted that he had killed Katie. Within few seconds Dave was killed by Jimmy and the dead body was disposed in the Mystic River. After the investigation by Sean it was found that Katie was killed by Brendan’s brother and his friends. Finally Jimmy found himself guilty for killing Dave unnecessarily.

Due to its brilliant story and direction, Mystic River was nominated for six Academy Awards in the categories of Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Supporting actress and Best Supporting actor. Out of these Sean Penn got the Best Actor award while the Best Supporting Actor award went to Tim Robbins. The movie was also nominated for Golden Globe awards and BAFTA film award in different categories where it won many awards.

Mystic River was one of the greatest hits of 2003. The movie was rated 84/100 by a website MetaCritic based on 42 reviews including Texas music genre. The budget of the film was $30,000,000. The movie has earned $156,822,020 worldwide and $90,135,191 for Unites States and form the international box office it earned $66,686,829. The DVDs for the movie was released on June 8, 2004.

Mystic River is a movie with a story that revolves around three childhood friends. The movie starts with the three boys Jimmy, Sean, and Dave playing hockey in a quite Boston neighborhood. What used to be a normal day for the three boys turned sour when Dave was abducted by a pedophile claiming to be a cop. For several days he was sexually molested until he was able to escape from his terrible misfortune. Dave’s desperate face as the car drives away forever haunts Jimmy and Sean’s memory. This experience provided a strong bond between the three childhood friends.

Fast forward over twenty five years later, the three friends still live separate lives in Boston. However, they again find themselves in another turmoil which is much greater than their childhood tribulation of photo albums. Jimmy portrayed by Sean Penn is an ex-convict convenience store owner. He is married to his second wife Annabeth (Laura Linney) and has two daughters. He has also a 19 year old daughter named Katie ( Emmy Rossum) from his first marriage and certainly the apple of his eye. Sean portrayed by Kevin Bacon is a homicide detective for the Massachusetts Police State Department and is separated from his pregnant wife who calls from time to time but rarely makes a statement. Dave portrayed by Tim Robbins is married to Celeste portrayed by Marcia Gay Harden. Dave is still haunted by his past which is continually destroying his present life including his marriage and any prospects of a better life in the future.

A new and much complicated crime brings back the three childhood friends together- the murder of Katie, Jimmy’s eldest daughter. Sean and his partner portrayed by Laurence Fishburne are assigned in the case. They need to move a step ahead of Jimmy who is driven by rage and wants to nail down his daughter’s killer using his own kind of justice.

Before her brutal murder, Katie used to help his father in the store. She met a boy named Brendan(Thomas Guiry) with whom she falls in love so quickly and Jimmy disapproves of their seemingly swift puppy love affair with no need for dog training if you know what I mean.. The two lovers decided to run away and get married in Las Vegas but before they were able to materialize their plans, Katie was brutally beaten and murdered. Brendan became the prime suspect of Katie’s murder. However, there is one more startling suspect to the crime and that is Dave. Dave becomes a suspect when he arrives home on the night of the murder, all tainted with blood and in rage, and talks to his wife about an assailant whom he might have killed during the confrontation.

Mystic River is directed by actor-director Clint Eastwood and written by Brian Helgeland who faithfully adheres to Dennis Lehane’s novel. This is a heavy movie and for viewers who want to think about life and board games. This revolves around friendship, family, and innocence stripped off very early in time from three friends. It is also about real pain, crime, guilt, and punishment with moving and inspiring performances from the actors.

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