Rommel, you magnificant bastard, I read your book!

From Patton 1970

Directed by Franklin J. Schaffner and produced by Frank McCarthy, “Patton” is one of the most inspirational biographical movies on World War II heroes which vividly portrays the character of the flamboyant, arrogant, dashing and the magnificent American General George C Patton, Jr. It is considered to be an all-time favorite military biographies produced on the silver screen.

In this epic movie, George C. Scott finely portrays the complex character of this much talked-about field general during the World War II. Viewers who read about General Patton would find them completely familiar with Scott as Patton. He crafted the role extremely well to display all the paradoxical traits of the General as a poet, a swearing leader, a runaway diplomat, true soldier and an American patriot.

Released in 1970 “Patton” immediately became a blockbuster hit and snatched no less than eight Oscars including the one for Scott as The Best Actor in the Leading Role. Scott’s greatness in refusing the award on the ground of his non-competitive spirit with other actors, make the film even greater.

A masterpiece all by itself, “Patton” was nominated for all the ten Oscars for superb direction, excellent cinematography, brilliant visual effects, information on ira cd rate was just being introduces and its original music score and many other categories.

This epic military biography is still regarded as one of the most demanding movies on command and leadership in almost all the military outfits of the world.

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