Play Misty For Me

Its nothing personal, I just happen to think she could be a first rate artist if her damn hormones didn't keep getting in the way.

From Play Misty For Me 1971

The movie “Play Misty For Me” was released in 1971. It was one of the first movies to touch on the topic of stalking. Clint Eastwood not only starred in this movie but he directed it as well. It was his first foray into directing. The music was put together by Dee Barton.

This thriller keeps you at the edge of your seat wondering what will happen next. The movie is about a radio disc jockey named Dave Garver played by Clint Eastwood and an obsessive fan, Evelyn Draper played by Jessica Walter. It shows how she met him and convinced him to make her his girlfriend. Soon she became very possessive and controlling. Evelyn was consumed with jealousy and soon smothered Dave to the point he broke up with her.

Dave’s other girlfriend is played by Donna Mills. He is in love with her but Evelyn tries everything she can to break them up including kidnapping. Her stalking makes her into a crazy obsessed person who will not stop til she has what she wants. Evelyn would call the radio station and ask him to play “Misty” for me. That is how the title got it’s name.

When Evelyn realizes that Dave is getting serious with someone else she takes on a different name and convinces the girlfriend to let her become her roommate. This is how she can keep track of what they are doing. Eventually she ties her up and gags her and invites Dave over for dinner. This movie will definitely keep you riveted to the screen.

Clint Eastwood plays Dave Garver a self-centered disc jockey at a late night radio station in Carmel who bumps into Evelyn (Jessica Walter) at a bar and goes home with her for what he believes is a one night stand. Dave discovers that Evelyn is the woman who has been calling the station requesting that he play the song "Misty" and dedicate to her.

When Evelyn starts showing up at his house and calling the station for more from the man Dave realizes that the woman views their interaction as something more than what it was. This puts pressure on Dave since he is attempting to revive an old love affair with Tobie (Donna Mills), an artist who has moved back to Carmel after departing after the two broke up a few months earlier. Dave tries to tell Evelyn in a nice way that he wants to have some distance from the woman, and she reacts by slashing her wrists and drawing him into tending to her.

As Dave develops his relationship with Tobie, Evelyn reacts by interrupting his business meetings with public accusations and sneaking into his house and tearing up his clothes and attacking his housekeeper. After the attack the police arrive to take Evelyn in custody and she is incarcerated where she needed a 500 dollar loan to get out. Dave and Tobie reunite happily with Dave returning to his radio show and Tobie getting a new room mate. Then Evelyn calls Dave on his radio show one night and everyone realizes that the situation is heading for a confrontation.

So in nutshell, Disc jockey Dave Garver attracts the amorous attentions of a demented fan named Evelyn Draper. Evelyn lets Dave pick up at a bar; later at her apartment, Evelyn admits that she is the cooing caller who repeatedly asks Dave to play the Erroll Garner classic "Misty." From then on, the film is a lesson in how one casual date can turn your whole life around.

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