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American Outlaws - 2001 Movie Quotes

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  Cole: It takes more than a cannon to kill the Younger brothers, sir. Bob: I think the cannon's doing a pretty good job, Cole. (full quote)
  Cole: How you been, buddy? Jesse: what's going on? Cole: Well, nothing really. Frank: Every time I try to hit that galleon, they try to shoot it off. Jesse: So, we got a plan? Bob: Yeah, my plan to lie here and piss on myself seems to be working mighty fine, thank you. (full quote)
  Jesse: A distraction? Why the hell didn't you just say so? Bob: He's smiling. Cole: That's never a good thing. (full quote)
  1)mrs james? 2)shall we 1)shall we indeed (full quote)
  1)little z mibs 2)well you were little jesse james when you left 1)yeah but you gou big,i mean older, i mean you got big and older frank u wanna say something 3)u doing just fine by youself (full quote)
  bob: HES SMILING Cole: thats never a good thing (full quote)
  Do we even have the same momma? huh? do we? (full quote)
  It's the scientific method, I hear it's all teh rage (full quote)
  It's my lucky rabbits foot. I took it off that dead guy over. Yeah I dont think that ones workin Lonnie! (full quote)
Evenstar Goddammit Cole, this stopped being fun about two years ago! (full quote)
Evenstar 1) We got a plan? 2) Yea, my plan of lying here pissing myself seems to be working mighty fine thank you. (full quote)
Evenstar 1) He's smiling. 2) Never a good thing. (full quote)
Evenstar 1) All right Rangers, lets ride. 2) Now I would sound just stupid saying something like that. (full quote)
Evenstar 1) That Zerelda turned into a hell of a woman, eh? 2) Oh yeah. 1) 'big and older'? 2) You can shutup now Frank. 1) You are a charmer. 2) I swear to God I will shoot you in your sleep. 1) Next time try 'fat and haggard' (full quote)
Evenstar 1) Well she's still talking to Jesus. 2) Yea and what worries me is Jesus is talking back. (full quote)
Evenstar We'll teach these Podunks what happens when they challenge the righteousness of progress. (full quote)
Evenstar Well look at that, the good Lord's a bit shorter than I reckoned. (full quote)
Evenstar 1) Well then why can't I go in there? 2) On account of we're, uh, robbing it. 1) Oh why didn't you say so in the first place? 2) It's a secret. 1) Oh fine, I'll just wait over here. (full quote)
Evenstar Just cos we're robbing a bank theres no reason not be civil about it. (full quote)
Evenstar Just because he reads all them book and knows all them big words doesn't mean hes smart. (full quote)
Evenstar My professional opinion is that you pissed off the wrong farm boys this time. (full quote)
Evenstar Who wrote this? I'll see them hanged every Tuesday for a month. (full quote)
Evenstar 1) This money's conterfeit. 2) I'll have to see the rest of your money to compare. 3) Its a scientific method, I hear its all the rage. (full quote)
Evenstar If I had to design the perfect outlaw band this is the gang I'd create. (full quote)
Evenstar 1) whats that? 2) Its my lucky rabbits foot. Took it off that dead guy over there. 1) I dont think that ones working Loni (full quote)
Evenstar You're a piss-poor liar for the smartest man I know. (full quote)
Evenstar 1) He's chained up. 2) They'll put that on your tombstone. (full quote)
  1)are you gonna stop loafin around with that young lady and get back to the farm? 2)what do u think frank 1) would you get in the wagon till ma has you at home so she can fuss over you herself she's gonna make me miserable (full quote)
  I've got something to say, it's better to burn out than to fade away (full quote)
  1) Sadie was a beautiful woman. 2) She had a mustache. 3) I think Sadie had more than a mustache. (full quote)
  1:Sadie was a beautiful women, Sadie was not a man. 2: She had a moustache Cole, a nice moustache. 3: I think she had more than a moustache. (full quote)
Allie_Nicole 1) That's your problem Frank, by the time you finish figurin' out stuff, I'm already finished doin' it. 2) No Jesse. your problem is, you're aways doin' stuff before I'm finished figurin' it out. (full quote)
swfan689 jessie: hey stupid (deputy turns around) jessie: im glad u know your name, you dumb shit (full quote)
30083 HEY! You wanna die?! (full quote)
30083 You can tell Mr. Thadeus Rheins to stick this where, the sun doesn't shine.....Shakespeare. (full quote)
  zee, look, I've quit my outlaw ways. Come live in my home and in my my wife. (full quote)
30142 1)your to young to drink whiskey 2)If I'm old enough to shoot a man, I'm old enough to drink whiskey! (full quote)
30142 1)But the younger gang rides with Jesse James 2) HEY, you wanna die!? 1) No (full quote)
  line em' up! Barkeep! Whiskey (full quote)
  Bob: The Younger-James gang is confusin...lets say we go into a bank and say were the younger james gang people are gonna be like the younger james gang? is there an older james gang? people still trying to figure that out stead of raising their arms! (full quote)
  Go get my husband. (full quote)
  Bobby Younger:Don't say 'yeah' in that tone of voice-this is important! (full quote)
10929 They got a Gatling gun! (full quote)
13284 1. Why ain't we called the Younger-James gang? 2. Well, I spose that if we were doing a robbery? We'd say, We're the Younger-James gang? And people would say, Younger-James gang? Is there an older-James gang? And people would be trying to figure that out instead of putting up their hands! (full quote)
30083 1. Stop talking about my Zee. 2. your Zee? (full quote)
30083 1. I'll tell people about that fella you screwed in Louisiana. 2. Uh oh. 3. Sadie was a beautiful woman, Sadie was not a man. 1. She had a mustache, a nice mustache. 2. I think she had more than a mustache. 3. Well she was European (full quote)
30083 1. Well I don't know what you just said, but it sure sounded nice. 2. That's Shakespeare, now HE'S European! (full quote)
30083 1. The James-Younger gang? Why not the Younger-James gang? I mean, we got three Younger brothers and only Two James brothers. 2. No, Jesse's got a point Cole, the Younger-James gang is confusing. 1. how's that? 2. Well lets say we go into a bank, and we yell 'We're the Younger-James gang!' And people are gonna be thinking, 'Younger-James gang? Well is there an older-James gang? How come we never heard of this older-James gang?' And people are gonna be thinking about that instead of raising their hands. 3. Can't argue with that Cole. 1. Do we even have the same mama? Huh? (full quote)
30083 1. What's going on Bob? 2. Well, frankly, I'm feeling a little left out. Now obviously someone's not sticking out in people's mind. 3. Guys we do have a bank to rob here. 1. Bob's having problems. 3. This about the wanted posters? 1. yeah. 2. Now don't say 'yeah' in that tone of voice, this is important! (full quote)
44339 Next time, try fat and haggard. (full quote)
fray429 1: The Lord says we can bury outback in the orchard. No one will ever find him. 2: Somebody sure is in a vengeful mood today. 3: Why don't we let 'em go for today, Ma? Well bury 'em outback next time. 1: *sad* Aww... All right. (full quote)