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Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? - 1966 Movie Quotes

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The Raven I swear to GOD George, if you even EXISTED I'd divorce you. (full quote)
The Raven Look, sweetheart, I can drink you under any goddamn table you want, so don't worry about me. (full quote)
The Raven I dance like the wind. (full quote)
The Raven I hope that was an empty bottle, George! You can't afford to waste good liquor, not on your salary! (full quote)
The Raven All I said was that our son, the apple of our three eyes, Martha being a cyclops, our son is a beanbag, and you get testy! (full quote)
The Raven Martha, in my mind you're buried in cement right up to the neck. No, up to the nose, it's much quieter. (full quote)
The Raven Nick:) To you, everybody's a flop. your husband's a flop, I'm a flop. Martha:) You're all flops. I am the Earth Mother, and you are all flops! (full quote)
The Raven Martha is 108...years old! She weighs somewhat more than that. (full quote)
The Raven Nick:) Who did the painting? George:) Some Greek with a moustache that Martha attacked one night! (full quote)
The Raven Martha, will you show her where we keep the, uh, euphemism? (full quote)
The Raven Martha:) I disgust me. You know, there's only been one man in my whole life who's ever made me happy. Do you know that? [pause]...George, my husband .... George, who is somewhere out there in the dark, who is good to me ... whom I revile, who can keep learning the games we play as quickly as I can change them. Who can make me happy and I do not wish to be happy. Yes, I do wish to be happy. George and Martha: Sad, sad, sad. Whom I will not forgive for having come to rest; for having seen me and having said: yes, this will do. (full quote)
The Raven You take the trouble to construct a civilization, to build a society based on the principles of ... of principle. You make government and art and realize that they are, must be, both the same. You bring things to the saddest of all points, to the point where there is something to lose. Then, all at once, through all the music, through all the sensible sounds of men building, attempting, comes the Dies Irae. And what is it? What does the trumpet sound? Up yours. (full quote)
The Raven Martha:) Hey, swamp! Hey swampy! George:) Yes, Martha? Can I get you something? Martha:) Ah, well, sure. You can, um, light my cigarette, if you're of a mind to. George:) No. There are limits. I mean, a man can put up with only so much without him descending a rung or two on the old evolutionary ladder - which is your line. Now, I will hold your hand when it's dark and you're afraid of the boogeyman and I will tote your gin bottles out after midnight so no one can see but I will not light your cigarette. And that, as they say, is that. (full quote)
The Raven Nick:) We'll go in a little while. George:) Oh no. No, you mustn't. Martha is changing, and Martha is not changing for me, Martha hasn't changed for me in years. If Martha is changing, that means we're going to be here for days. You're being accorded an honour, and you mustn't forget that Martha is the daughter of our beloved boss. She is his right ... arm. I was going to use another word, but we'll leave that sort of talk to Martha! (full quote)
The Raven Martha:) Aren't you going to apologize for making Honey throw up? George:) I didn't make her throw up. Martha:) What? You think it was handsome there? You think he made his own wife throw up? George:) Well, you made me throw up. Martha:) That's different. (full quote)
10929 I dance like the wind. (full quote)
10929 You're not man enough. You haven't the guts. (full quote)
10929 There isn't any abomination award that you haven't won. (full quote)
Bridge Isn't it nice how some people still have manners & don't just go barging into other people's houses, even if they do hear some subhuman creature yowling at them from the other side? (full quote)
Bridge Snap went the dragons! (full quote)
Bridge 1.)A BEANBAG! 2.)I heard you! I didn't say I was deaf, I said I didn't understand. 1.)You didn't say that at all. 2.)I meant I was implying I didn't understand. (full quote)
Bridge ...a novel all about a naughty boy-child! (full quote)
Bridge HUMP THE HOSTESS! (full quote)
Bridge You just tend to your knitting Grandma, I'll be fine. (full quote)
Bridge That's downright moving, that's what that is...UP yourS! (full quote)
Bridge Who, sexy back there, you think he made his own wife sick? (full quote)
Bridge You can't stop when you've got just enough blood in your mouth... (full quote)
Bridge ...that's blood under the bridge... (full quote)
Bridge My God I think I understand this. (full quote)
Bridge You just gird your blue-veined loins, girl. (full quote)
Bridge ...& that's how you play Get the Guests. (full quote)
Bridge Truth or illusion, George, down't it matter to you at all?...SNAP, GOT your ANSWER, BABY?...Got it. (full quote)
Bridge And I'll bet your wife has the widest, most inviting avenue on the whole damn campus...well, I mean, her father being president & all....WHY YOU BET your HISTORICAL INEVITABILITY. (full quote)
10929 Never mix, never worry. (full quote)
10929 I swear to God, George, if you even existed I'd divorce you. (full quote)
Bridge His mouse was a wifey little thing. (full quote)
Bridge He will NOT be made mock of! (laughing) (full quote)