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Mean Creek - 2004 Movie Quotes

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  His daddy splattered his brains , all over the wall (full quote)
  Either you're hard as hell and pulling my chain or you're the biggest pussy I know. (full quote)
  close your eyes Millie, Marty doesn't wanna go to jail (full quote)
  No, Sam, I don't think Superman will come and turn back time (full quote)
  I know its your birthday Sam, but shut your trap
(full quote)
  Hey Rocky, I just had this amazing image of what your brother and Millie would look like all hot and bothered in bed. Ew, thats gross dude! (full quote)
15499 I'm a man who likes to follow through with his plans. (full quote)
15499 Oh, it's cool. My mom gave me permission to drink and drive. You don't have to worry about it. (full quote)
15499 You're right, George. My mom is pretty stupid. In fact she's got one of those learning disability things. (full quote)
15499 Woo. Ah, ya... Nothing beats a good piss in the river. Except of course a good ole romping session of a stupid, ugly, dumb, pathetic piece of shit. (full quote)
15499 You mean to tell me that you get me all juiced up over this, I steal my mother's car and come down here on a Saturday, when I could be at home, watching television? I'm out here on this river with a bunch of munchkins who are sober as hell and bringing me down... and now you tell me that we don't even get to do what we came here for? (full quote)
15499 Marty: We're going cow-spanking. Kyle: what the fuck is cow-spanking? Marty: Well, it's like cow-tipping, except we spank. (full quote)
15499 George: Hmmm. Yum. Did you make these yourself? You'll have to give me the recipe some time. Clyde: It's peanut butter and jelly. (full quote)
15499 Shut the fuck up, Clyde! You faggot! Fucking skinny butt-munching faggot. I hate you! You know that? I really do! Because all you do is fucking prance around school, talking about your fucking faggoty fairy fathers! I'll tell you what! I don't wanna hear about your fucking fathers and how they're assholes work, all right? It makes me sick, all right, and I fucking hope they fucking die of fucking fag disease! Yeah! (full quote)
15499 And speaking of dead... fathers... I just remembered why bonehead white-trash fucking donkey-dick Marty got so fucking freaked when I started talking about his "daddy". His neanderthal, drunk father put a gun in his mouth and splattered his brains all over the wall. You know, I almost forgot my mom told me that. She said, "His daddy splattered his brains all over the wall." I thought it was sad at first. But now? I like it. "His daddy splattered his brains all over the wall." His daddy splattered his brains all over the wall... (full quote)
15499 I say we smoke that ham! (full quote)
15499 Rocky: Everyone else wants to call it off. Marty: Everyone else is a vagina! (full quote)
15499 So, let's see the penis! Bring on the penis! (full quote)
15499 Most people are doing cartwheels by 11, Kyle (full quote)
15499 The inside of my mind has a zillion things about it but... people that don't see inside of my mind don't know there are a zillion things. Y'know, since noone sees inside my mind no one really knows, but... one day people will know. One day people will know 'cause that's my master plan. To film it all. To document every aspect of the life that is me. And put it in a time capsule in my backyard and so that one day some alien or some highly evolved species will find it and... understand. (full quote)
15499 Oh shit. One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four. Wake up. Wake up! Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up! God, wake up! (full quote)