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Leap Year - 2010 Movie Quotes

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reet52 Put it in the wash, they'll be grand. (full quote)
reet52 Heads I win, tails you lose. (full quote)
reet52 Father's someone you should be able to rely on. (full quote)
reet52 OK Bob (full quote)
reet52 May the road rise up to meet ya. (full quote)
reet52 I'll tell ya something, they'll kill each other. (full quote)
reet52 No one touches the music. (full quote)
reet52 Cool the jets, would ya? (full quote)
reet52 That was...impressive! (full quote)
reet52 I'm not good at weddings. (full quote)
reet52 If your house was on fire and you had 60 seconds, what would you take? (full quote)
reet52 We'll get you to where you want to go. (full quote)
reet52 Well, that's gas. (full quote)
reet52 Right is right, rain or no rain. (full quote)
reet52 Would you like a hand with the bag, pumpkin? (full quote)
reet52 Give me strength. (full quote)
reet52 Declan: I'm wondering where it is that you think chickens come from? Anna: The freezer section. (full quote)
reet52 Don't worry about Louie, I'll get him. (full quote)
reet52 Do you never let your hair down woman? (full quote)
reet52 Liars forfeit! (full quote)
reet52 I am paying you to take me to Dublin, and you're taking me to Dublin. (full quote)
reet52 It's the chancers and the cheats you have to watch out for. (full quote)
reet52 Alright, which one of you bullocks think my chicken is dry? (full quote)
reet52 I guess that's an Irish NO. (full quote)
reet52 I should probably learn your middle name. (full quote)
reet52 Liars forfeit. (full quote)
reet52 Time is going to fly. (full quote)
reet52 It is NOT ... a load of pooh! It, romantic. It's really, really romantic. (full quote)
reet52 So long Louie. (full quote)