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Trouble With The Curve - 2012 Movie Quotes

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rmdoka Have you thought about what you'll do when your contract is up? Sure, sign another one for more money (full quote)
rmdoka Well, you can take an early retirement, collect disability. With the pension we offer you should be comfortable. (full quote)
rmdoka I know I'm as blind as a slab of concrete, but I'm not helpless. I'll put a bullet in my head when that happens. (full quote)
rmdoka Yeah. I'm thinking about getting three sixes tattooed across my forehead. (full quote)
rmdoka I grew up around men who swore, drank and farted. Trust me, I can handle it. (full quote)
rmdoka If this is a robbery, take everything you want... except for my flat-screen. Take my flat-screen, and I'll kill ya. (full quote)
rmdoka What are you fella's starin' at? I'm not a pole dancer. (full quote)