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Deer Hunter, The - 1978 Movie Quotes

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5990 This is this (full quote)
5990 You know sometimes I think you're a faggot (full quote)
8051 I hope they send us where the bullets are flying and the fightin's the worst. (full quote)
8051 I like to starve myself. It keeps the fear up. (full quote)
8051 Every time he comes up here he's got no knife, he's got no jacket, he's got no pants, he's got no boots. All he's got is that stupid gun he carries around like John Wayne. (full quote)
  Did I tell you about the Happy Roman? He was Glad he ate her. (full quote)
  And I'm getting more ass than a toilet seat. (full quote)
13350 1)So you wanna play games huh?! OK, I'll play your fuckin games!(presses a gun to 2's head)2)Hey!1)How does it feel huh, bigshot!2)HEY!(1 pulls trigger but fortunately the gun is empty) (full quote)
13350 1)what's that little gun doing up here? 2)Just in case. 1)In case of what? 2) Just in case. 1)In case of what? In case you come along one of your girlfriends sucking on a forest ranger's cock? 2)(points gun at 1)Say that again!(1 laughs at him)SAY THAT AGAIN!! 1)Stanley, you're so full of shit you're gonna float away! (full quote)
  one shot nicky,one shot (in a ruussian roulette) (full quote)
20918 This is this. This isn't something else. This is this! (full quote)
8400 This is this. This is not somethin' else. This is this. (full quote)
10929 When a man says no to champagne, he says no to life. (full quote)
10929 --I don't think about that much with one shot anymore, Mike. --You have to think about one shot. One shot is what it's all about. A deer's gotta be taken with one shot. (full quote)
10929 --How does it feel to be shot? --Don't hurt. That's what you wanna know. And how it's been, doing OK. --Yeah, same thing. Nothing's changed. (full quote)
  Nick:Hey look, elephants. I gotta get an elephant. (full quote)
29564 I'm gonna will us outta here. There's an empty chamber in that gun. (full quote)
  DOCTOR: Are you Nickonar Jasekawecisz ? NICK: (Pointing to black soldier with no arms) No, he is. (full quote)
10929 --One shot. --One shot. (full quote)
10929 Here's to Nick. (full quote)
10929 Can't Take My Eyes Off You. (full quote)
10929 God Bless America. (full quote)
10929 Midnight Train To Georgia. (full quote)
35583 I get more ass than a toilet seat. (full quote)
10929 Oh, what the hell, Mike. Give him the boots. (full quote)
46800 Stanley, see this? This is this. This ain't something else. This is this. From now on, you're on your own. (full quote)
  This is This? (full quote)
leoanp This is this. It ain't nothing else. This is this. (full quote)
pmbtx I love you baaby!, and if it's quite alright, I need you baaby, all through the lonely night, I love you baby, trust in me when I say, Oh pretty baaby!......... (full quote)