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Commando - 1985 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
4331 1: leave anything for us 2: just bodies (full quote)
4957 Don't bother my friend; he's DEAD tired. (full quote)
5038 You're a funny guy Sully, I like you. That's why I'm giong to kill you last. (full quote)
5038 1. Wait that's right Matrix, you said you were going to kill me last right? 2. I lied. 3. where's Sully? 2. I let him go. (full quote)
5038 1. This green beret's outta Fort Brag is gonna kick your ass! 2. I eat green berets for breakfast, and right now, I'm VERY hungry! (full quote)
5038 Let off some steam Bennett! (full quote)
5104 Cutting the little girl's throat would be like cutting warm butter. (full quote)
6587 You fuckin' whore. (full quote)
6587 John? I'm gonna kill you John. (full quote)
7786 I like your little pissant soldiers - they make me laugh. I fMatrix was here, he'd laugh too. (full quote)
272 (1)Why don't you come back John? (2)This was the last time. (1)Yeah until the next time. (2)No chance. (full quote)
641 1) what's in this? 2) You don't want to know. (full quote)
8556 (1)Your father appears to be cooperating. You will be back with him soon. Won't that be nice? (2) Not as nearly as nice as watching him smash your face in! (full quote)
8556 Let off some steam, Bennett. (full quote)
8556 (1)Here's twenty dollars to get some drinks in Val Verde. It'll give us all a little more time with your daughter. (2) Heh. (3) You're a funny man, Sully, I like you. That's why I'm going to kill you last. (full quote)
8556 (1)Remember, Sully, when I promised to kill you last? (2) That's right, Matrix. You did! (1) I lied. (full quote)
8556 I eat green Berets for breakfast. (full quote)
8556 (1)Don't break radio silence until they see me. (2) How will I know? (1) Because all fucking hell is going to break loose (full quote)
8556 (1)Keep on the airwaves and let me know if you hear anything unusual. (2) I'll keep at it. what are you expecting? (1) World War Three. (full quote)
  Please don't disturb my friend, he's DEAD tired. (full quote)
  a) Aghhh come on you don't know what you're missin! b) From here it looks like a nightmare. a) You fuckin' whore.(said with utter disgust) (full quote)
10398 Come on Bennett, throw away that chickens**t gun...........Put a knife in me and look me in the eye and see what's going on in there when u turn it. Come on Bennett lets party. I can beat you John, I dont need the Girl John and i dont need no Gun, and im killin you now (girly scream by Bennett follows) (full quote)
  (1) Call the precinct, tell them to send every cop they've got. (2) Why what are you expecting? (1) WORLD WAR 3! (full quote)
  Q:where is Jenny? A:Kiss my ass. Q:where? A:I say it little louder. Kiss fuck. (full quote)
  Q: where is she Sully? A: Kiss my ass. Q: where? A: I say little louder. Kiss fuck. (full quote)
  Q: where is she Sully A: Kiss my ass. Q: where? A: I say little louder: kiss fuck. (full quote)
11920 Bad Guy: If You Want your Daughter your Going To Have To Cooperate, RIGHT? Arnold: WRONG , BOOM shot the guy in the head. (full quote)
11920 Bad Guy: If you want your daughter back you going to have to cooperate RIGHT? Arnold: WRONG!!, (BOOM) shoots the guy in the head (full quote)
  Your training, MATRIX! (full quote)
14369 I'll be back, Bennett (full quote)
14471 Bennet- You're getting old, John. How does it feel to be a dying man, John? Eh, john? Eh? Arnold: BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!! (Then he proceeds to throw a metal pipe through Bennet's torso.) (full quote)
14471 Bennet- You're getting old, John. How does it feel to be a dying man, John? Eh, john? Eh? Arnold: BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!! (Then he proceeds to throw a metal pipe through Bennet's torso.) (full quote)
  Ahnold: Bennett?...I thought you were.. Bennett: Dead? You thought wrong! Ever since you had me thrown out of the unit I've waited to pay you back. And you know what today is, Matrix?...Payday. (Shoots Ahnold with tranquilizer dart) (full quote)
  (Arius): It is you who are afraid (Bennett) Of course I'm afraid. I'm smart. (full quote)
  (Cook): Where's Sully? (Cindy): In the shower (Cook): Who are you? (Cindy): Roomservice (full quote)
19749 Cutting into little girls is like cutting into warm butter! (full quote)
  Sir, do you have any hand laguuge? just him. (full quote)
  Left anything for us john? only Bodies ! (full quote)
Magpie A: Cutting a little girl's throat, is like cutting warm butter. B: Put the knife away, and shut your mouth. (full quote)
  John, i'll be waiting John. (full quote)
  We'll take cooke's car. He wont be needing it. (full quote)
  BENNET - Oh, i feel good john. (just after gettin electricuited) (full quote)
  Scared motherfucker? You should be! (full quote)
  (1) ill be back bennett (2) johhhhhhhhhhhhn, ill be waiting john (full quote)
  oooh!!! eeeeeee!! aaahhhhh!!! iiii! (Arnold grunts when punched by Bennet) (full quote)
  you are a funny man bennet, that is why i will kill you last (full quote)
  (Biggs)Wanna see me kick some ass (his bitches giggle) (full quote)
  (Biggs)Emergency on the theatre level. Suspect 6 foot 2, brown hair, HE'S ONE GIGANTIC MOTHER FUCKER!!!! (full quote)
  You know what day it is today? Payday! (full quote)
  (MATRIX)Zully, remember ai zed i vas going do geel you lazt? (SULLY) Thats right Matrix, you did! (MATRIX) I LIED! (full quote)
  Arnold Shwarzenagger (full quote)
10929 We Fight For Love. (full quote)
10929 These guys eat too much red meat. (full quote)
24986 I have a guy out here who may be a whacko. I need back-up, I don't think I can't take him alone...he's about 6,2, 250 pouds, he's one big mother fucker. (full quote)
24986 1) WAAAIT!!!! STOP! Don't you go anywhere! Who the hell are you, huh?! You pulled the seat of my car, you kidnapped me, you told me how to find your daughter--which I very kindly went after Sully, swing from the roof like Tarzan, and then...this man with a gun was going to shoot you and I saved you and then he starts chasing MEEE!Are you going to tell me what's going on or what?! 2) No. (full quote)
24986 (COOKE) Where's Sully? (CINDY) In the shower (COOKE)Who are you? (CINDY)Room service (full quote)
24986 I'll be back, Bennett! (full quote)
24986 He was not on the plane. Kill her... (full quote)
24986 1) Jenny, I need to talk to your dad for a minute. 2) Oh yeah? Got a warrant? (full quote)
28233 1-This isn't a plane it's a canoe with wings! 2-Well get in and start padeling (full quote)
28233 1-what happened to Sally? 2-I let him go (full quote)
28233 These guys eat too much red meat! (full quote)
30320 looking at magaizine Why don't they just call him girl george, it would save all the confusion. (full quote)
Penster Daddy? Not daddy! (full quote)
32532 (Cooke pointing gun at Arnie) Fuck you asshole (fires but gun is empty) (Arnie to Cooke) FUCK YOU ASSHOORLE!!!! (full quote)
33501 Your piss ant soldiers make me laugh trying to act tough, if Matrix was here he'd laugh too. (full quote)
41892 1: Remember I said I would kill you last? 2: Thats right Matrix, you did. 1: I lied! (full quote)
41892 Suspect 6 foot 2, brown hair, he's one gigantic mother fucker. (full quote)
41892 Please don't disturb my friend, he's dead tired. (full quote)
41892 1)You scared mother fucker? Well you should be cos this Green Beret is gonna kick your big ass! 2)I eat Green Berets for Breakfast and right now i'm very hungry. (full quote)
41892 1)Call the federal building, have them monitor every police, aviation and marine channel in the area. 2)what are you expecting? 1)World War 3. (full quote)
41892 1)down Wind? You think I could smell them coming? 2)I did. (full quote)
41892 They should just call him Girl George it would save all the confusion I think. (full quote)
41892 Why don't they call him Girl George, it would cut out all the confusion. (full quote)
41892 1: what are you expecting? 2: World war three. (full quote)
41892 I'm not going to shoot you between the eyes. I'm going to shoot you between the balls! (full quote)
41892 He's coming at us, no brakes. (full quote)
44855 Cindy: where's Sully? Matrix: I let him go. (full quote)